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Have you ever wondered where to find good packaging?

Now you don’t have to! Allpackz Packaging and Printing Sdn Bhd was set up with one objective in mind – to ease consumers when the need to find a proper packaging for their products arises. There are thousands of products we offer to our customers- with quality products, good pricing and efficient customer service in mind. Be it big corporates, SME or even to just a household person in charge, we can cater to you on your needs for packaging.

We are obsessed with this; it is our passion and responsibility to bring more value to your products through effective packaging. Situated in Penang Island, we transport to whole of Malaysia as well as overseas.

Why choose Allpackz?


It’s Convenient. It’s Time Saving.

We cater to all people. Be it you are just using for your home business, or big corporates, our wide range of products can cater to you with different types of packaging. We have strong connections with more than 50 suppliers not only within Malaysia, but overseas too.

It’s Green. It’s Friendly.

Most of our products offered are bio-degradable or made of environmental friendly materials. Although we do offer some plastic items; we do play our role in providing eco-friendly products to our customers.

It’s Service. Promising As Always.

Our passionate and dedicated team will conduct free consultation to you. We take care of every aspect, from budget to finishing goods – your products are in good hands. It is our aim to make your products look promising and in turn, your customers will find confidence in your products. We provide transport services as well. We are hands on with export services. We can combine many items in one cargo or container for your convenience.

It’s New Business Opportunity.

If you think you like packaging and there is an opportunity for you to market our products, do let us know! We welcome sales agent, to which we will supply our best wholesaler price to you. Kindly email your request to anna@allpackz.com